FAQS - Your Questions Answered

Where is the event?

Penshurst Place, Kent, TN11 8DG

When is the event?

Sunday 30th June 2019

How do you get to the event?

Located in West Kent, Penshurst Place is just 7 miles from Royal Tunbridge Wells. Just 20 minutes from the M25 (junction 5), it is easily accessible and is just over 1 hour from London and the Channel Tunnel. Satnav: TN11 8DG.

What’s included in the price?

Your ticket includes: your race entry, bib number, t-shirt, goodie bag and entry to the post-race dye festival!

What’s in a goodie bag?

In the goodie bag: your bib number, a dye packet, wristband, and body art.

Can I sign up a team?

Well we’re all one big team really! Just arrive together and you and your friends can all start together! We’d still like to reward group bookings! So if you enter 3+ people online in one go, we’ll take off £2 per person.

Are there family tickets?

Yes, with ‘Family Runners’ a booking must include a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 people. One member must be between the ages of 7-12yrs on event day. The purchaser is required to fill in the details of each member and pay for the booking.

What age can my children take part in the run on their own?

All children under the age of 12 running the rainbow should take part with an adult and we recommend at least one adult to 4 children.

Do I have to register my little un’s?

Yes, please sign up your Mini Runners online. There is a small fee for 6 years and under who will be joining you around the 3.5K and 5K routes. These Mini Runners will also receive a goodie bag and T-shirt. In 2018 we have added a new 1K Mini Dash for the little ones to have fun running with their parents.

Is the dye safe?

Yes, the dye is 100% safe. Made out of coloured cornstarch. It’s completely natural and causes no harm to the skin or environment and is designed to wash out of clothes and hair. But you might want to avoid wearing your most expensive white jeans and fashion trainers.

Will the dye wash out of my hair and scalp?

The dye used at the Run or Dye events is made of eco-friendly, coloured corn-starch and is designed to be 100% washable. In very rare instances, the dye may take more than one or two washes to disappear. Our hair experts suggest using products from the ‘touch of silver’ range and a deep conditioner/oil to assist with removal. If you have any concerns at all about your hair pre-race, we would recommend using a leave in conditioner before the event wearing a hat for the duration of the event and keeping long hair tied back.

Will there be any food and drink at the event?

Yes. Several healthy and wholesome food and drink concessions will be at the event.

Can I get a drink during the run?

Yes there is a water station half way round the run and at the end.

What time does the run start?

Runners go off in waves of around 500 people beginning at approximately at 10.00am.

What time should I check-in?

Registration check-in opens at 8am. Please present your confirmation email to pick up you free T-shirt and goodie bag.

What do I wear?

Showing off your colour will work with just about ANYTHING you wear. We recommend the brightest white or light grey to show off ALL the colours… but don’t let that discourage you from going crazy with the sauciest accent colours imaginable. You are your very own canvas – so be adventurous! Create costumes with your friends to wow even yourselves! Wear the brightest colours (bright light fluorescent yellow, green, pink or blue – but remember if you wear bright blue the blue from the event won’t show on those articles of clothing.)

Can I go in any wave?

We encourage keen runners to come in time to join the front of that start queue. Most people are happy to jog around and if you want to walk and dance you way around the course, we suggest to tag on to the end of the queue.

I have a VIP ticket, when do I start my race?

Join any wave you like!. With a VIP Ticket, you can go straight to the Start Line, no need to queue! Just present your VIP wristband and you will be escorted to the VIP Zone at the start Line and be amongst the first to be blasted with colour.

Is there a bag drop?

Yes! Just put your gear in a bag and hand it into bag drop. We’ll look after it while you have fun out on the run and at the dye festival.

How do I get the extras I paid for online?

Extra dye and T-shirt’s bought online can be collected at the Merchandise store at the event. You just need to show the print out confirmation of your pre-paid goodies.

Is the run timed?

We don’t time Run or Dye. It’s not about how fast you do it, it’s about how much fun you have doing it.

What happens after I complete the run?

Then it’s time to party. Stock up on dye and join the DJ in the dye throws, making this the most colourful fun run in the UK.

Is there car parking?

Yes. £10 per car. Paid by cash on arrival. We strongly urge people to car share in order to help keep the traffic, queues and environmental impact down to a minimum. At this rural event, it is essential that we can accommodate all our participants and their supporters, and so there is a need to hire out surrounding fields. In our Event Information Packs we will provide details of viable public transport links where applicable.

Can I bring friends and family to support (but not run)?

Everyone is welcome at Run or Dye. Your guests should come expecting to possibly get hit with some dye or stay a safe distance back. Please let them know that there will be a car park charge.

Can I bring my dog?

We love the pooches as much as anybody but dogs are not allowed on the Run or Dye course. BUT supporters can bring well-behaved dogs on leads to the Event Village. Don’t forget your pooper scooper!

Can I register on the day of the Event?

Registration at the event is available but it will be more expensive than online. T-shirts will only be available on a first come – first serve basis.

What does Run or Dye do for Charity?

Our Official Charity Partner is Great Ormond Street Hospital, and in 2019 we hope to reach £100,000 raised for the charity. Find out more about fundraiser entries here.

I haven't received my confirmation email...what do I do?

Check your spam folder. Failing that, send us an email at and we can re-send it to you.

I haven't heard from you since I registered or received my race pack...

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to catch up on our latest news. Two weeks prior to the event, you will receive an ‘Event Info Pack’ by EMAIL. We’ll also upload this information on our website. This will include everything you need to know about the event.

My question isn’t listed here…

Most changes to you or your registration can be made by visiting myevents.active.com and logging into your account. If someone else registered for you then they will need to log into their account to make the required change. Otherwise, please send us an email at info@runordye.co.uk