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Run or Dye - About Us


Run or Dye is a chance to experience THE most colour-filled day with family and friends to celebrate friendship, fitness, and fun.

What happens at Run or Dye?

Inspired by the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, known as the ‘Festival of Colours’, Run or Dye gives runners, walkers and all speeds in-between, the opportunity to experience the thrill of a colour festival! Participants run through Four Dye and a new Foam Zone, turning into a technicolour canvas of fun. As part of registration all participants will receive goody bags with a white t-shirt, dye packs, body art and plenty more to get geared up for the most colourful 5K.

What happens after your run?

Just when you thought you couldn't be more colourful, you'll cross the finish line and find yourself in the middle of a colour storm at our Dye Festival! Our festival consists of 3 Dye Games; Dye War, Dye Anti-Dodge and Dye Blast!

Ending the day on a high the Dye Games will be crowd vs crowd competitions. You'll jam out with our awesome MC as we count down to the ultimate finale where YOU get to Tie-Dye the Sky, experiencing a world of colour like never before!

Run or Dye is not only the most colourful 5K in the world but it is also one of the most exciting and vibrant races around. But don't just take our word for it – Join us today and find out for yourself!


- Anti DyeDodge -

The aim is to get the MOST colourful. Throughout the course you will encounter 5 DYE stations. Run through and DO NOT dodge the dye. More colour means more prizes!

Anti DyeDodge - Run or Dye


- Dye Blast -

Clouds of colour will be blasted at you from our MC’s cannon. How close do you dare to go? Will you survive the dye blast?

Dye Blast - Run or Dye


- Dye War -

Which colour dye will out shine? With the crowd vs crowd dye throw, the aim is to get everyone covered in YOUR side’s coloured dye!

Dye War - Run or Dye


- TieDye the Sky -

The finale of the day! Get ready to see over 3000 people Tie Dye the Sky – it’s not a sight to miss!

TieDye the Sky - Run or Dye

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