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Penshurst Place Summer Maize Maze

-    14th Jul – 2nd Sep, 11.00am – 6.00pm (last entry at 5pm)

​Summer at Penshurst Place just wouldn’t be the same without the ever-popular Maize Maze. The theme this year is time travel and it includes an optional new third shorter route to travel which encompasses a more strategic game! The maze has been expertly designed to resemble a clock face, and you’ll discover new codes to collect as you navigate route!

You’ll need to solve clues from different historical eras as you explore the twists and turns, in order to collect letters and crack the new Maize Maze puzzle. There are prizes on offer and if you share your photos using #SnappedAtPenshurst you’ll also be in with the chance of winning a family season ticket.

If you are short on time, or have little ones in tow, Penshurt Place has three maze route options this year. The popular massive Maize Maze plus two smaller mazes - one for mini travellers and another for older travellers who prefer to spend a shorter time exploring the corners and corridors! Visit to find out more.

Run or Dye

Run or Dye returns to inspire fitness for all generations with colour and fun on 1st July 2018 at Penshurst Place

-    World’s Most Colourful Run offers  5k, 3.5k and a NEW 1k Mini Runner Dash
-    Event will fundraise for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Kiss it Better Appeal after raising £50,000 to date

Run Or Dye, the world’s most colourful run and festival will once again take place in the stunning of Penshurst Place, the 14th Century Manor House on Sunday 1st July 2018. Run Or Dye has seen thousands of participants run, walk, jog or dance around the course which offers stunning views and a burst of colour at every 1km as runners are showered with rainbow dust. The Penshurst event has inspired over 12,000 people to take part in a 5k or 3.5k run and now reaches out to inspire the youngest generation. In 2018 six year old and under mini runners can take on a 1k dash – the challenge now is whether the adults can keep up?

Run or Dye

Five thousand runners are expected to take part in Run Or Dye with all participants encouraged to get covered head-to-toe in colour, before running, jogging or dancing through five different dye zones before reaching the finish line. Once the runners have finished their 5k, 3.5k or 1k courses they’ll have a chance to experience a true festival atmosphere with paint-throwing games, music, a variety of food and retail stalls and free access to the Penshurst Place Adventure Playground. The festival culminates in an explosion of dye from the Run Or Dye stage, ensuring that this truly is the World’s Most Colourful Run!

Following on from the success of raising £25,000 for the Kiss It Better Appeal each year in 2016 and 2017, Run or Dye will once again be partnering with the Great Ormond Street Hospital appeal, which was set up by Carmel Allen (former Beauty Editor at Vogue) whose daughter Josephine was treated at the hospital for Neuroblastoma. Carmel comments, "Kiss it Better is something every parent says and does when their child is sick or injured. When my own daughter, Josephine, was being treated for cancer in 2003 I wanted to turn her experience into something positive and help improve the lives of children with cancer everywhere. All the money Kiss it Better raises goes to fund research into childhood cancers at Great Ormond Street and each piece of research we fund makes a difference. Josephine is 16 now and doing well and is fundraising herself now! We have run together in each of the Run or Dye events and it's fantastic fun. Families come together to dance, run, sing and get covered in colour - and all while helping other children. It's the best way to spend a Sunday morning."

Josephine, now 16, adds, "My mum set up Kiss it Better when I was a very poorly child. Now, 15 years later I do all I can to help other children who have cancer so they can grow up healthy like me. Run or Dye is a brilliant way for me to get all my school friends together to run and have fun together. I'm also hoping to bring my little cousins and stepbrothers to run the 1K Mini Runner Dash too so they can get covered in colour - they will LOVE that. Run or Dye has raised £50K for Kiss it Better in two years and this year we're going to add even more!"

All runners taking part will receive a white t-shirt and a Run Or Dye goodie bag including dye packs, helping to add to the colourful thrill of the day. With a race distance for everyone, and a festival atmosphere this is the family fitness event of the summer!

To sign up for Run or Dye, please visit and enjoy your own day of colour to support Kiss it Better.

Chloe takes on colourful challenge for charity

Chloe CharterisAt only six years old, Chloe Charteris is preparing to run 3.5km for her first ever charity fund raiser. With the support of her dad, Chris, she will take part in Run or Dye, the world’s most colourful run with dye stations at every 1km, at Penshurst Place on the 2nd July. She is already halfway to her goal, which is to raise £300 for the Kiss it Better initiative, which supports childhood cancer research at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Chloe has recently started running with her dad, who suggested the challenge as a fun way of raising money for an important cause. Chloe, who is now comfortably training over 3.5km distances, quickly grasped the significance of helping children who are less fortunate than herself, and has embraced the opportunity to support those facing childhood cancer.

Chloe’s dad, Chris, says: “It is my belief that you need to make exercise fun for children for them to fall in love with it and the Run or Dye event is the perfect first time exposure… I also believe it is important that a child is exposed to the fact that there are people (especially children) that are less fortunate than themselves and that life is as much (if not more) about giving than receiving. However, if we can have fun whilst raising money we can enjoy the day and be proud to have helped someone else in some small capacity.”

Run or DyeThe Great Ormond Street Hospital’s ‘Kiss it Better’ appeal was founded in 2004 by Carmel Allen, whose daughter was treated at the hospital for a rare form of cancer. Carmel said: "The premise was really simple - Kiss it Better is something every parent says and does when their child is sick or injured. I wanted to turn Josephine's experience into something positive and to help make a difference to the lives of children with cancer everywhere." The money raised by the charity goes towards research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer, with the hope of raising awareness of the difficulties faced by the children and their families. Kiss it Better looks to ensure that every child facing cancer has access to the latest research and clinical trials, and that survival rates continue to increase. Although 8 out of 10 children are still alive five years after diagnosis, there are some cancers with extremely low survival rates, meaning that the pioneering work of the Great Ormond Street Hospital is vital in providing new therapies for children who face terminal illnesses. Chloe’s contribution to the charity will make a difference to the lives of children who face cancer, providing the funds needed for the further development of novel treatments.

Chloe will run the 3.5km distance at Run or Dye, which incorporates four dye stations within the grounds of Penshurst Place in Kent. The run will allow her to raise money for Kiss it Better, and will introduce her to distance running events in a new and exciting way. This year’s run also includes 5km and 10km routes, allowing families, fun runners and more experienced runners to take part in the world’s most colourful run. As well as the run, which will see runners covered in dye from a series of stations, runners can enjoy the colour storm at the Dye Festival afterwards. The day promises to be a great deal of fun, as well as an opportunity for individuals such as Chloe to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

To sign up for Run or Dye, please visit and enjoy your own day of colour to support Kiss it Better.

Why supporting Kiss it Better will make a difference to children like Noah

Run or DyeRun or Dye is supporting the Kiss it Better appeal for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity which raises funds for research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancer.

The appeal is raising money to help children like Noah. Noah was only six months old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive and rare form of cancer.Run or Dye

He had tumours in his tummy, leg, arm and it had spread to his bones. Noah was given a 30 per cent chance of survival. The team at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) decided to try a combination of intensive and highly experimental treatment which had never been given to a child as young as Noah.

After eight months at GOSH having huge doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, an intricate operation and stem-cell treatment, Noah’s cancer was thankfully removed.

Run or Dye“He is a gorgeous, happy and cheeky little boy. Looking at him you’d never know what he went through”
Noah's mum, Kerenza

There are many other children like Noah who are facing a very scary time. We need to better understand what causes cancer in children, and produce more effective treatments. Whilst cancer survival rates are immensely encouraging with 8 in 10 of all children still alive five years after diagnosis, for certain childhood cancers, survival rates remain extremely low and there are some cancers where there are no survivors.Run or Dye

We can make a difference to the futures of children facing cancer with your support. Use your place at Run or Dye 5k to support the Kiss it Better appeal, and help children like Noah. Have a great time, get covered in paint and know that you’re doing something amazing.

If you want more information about the Kiss it Better appeal, or how to set up your Just Giving page, please get in touch on

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