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We produce events and real-life campaigns nationwide. Every day we engage people, inspiring them to fall in love with our clients brands. Reach thousands of people in the community from fitness enthusiasts to couch potatoes that are drawn to the full-colour, party atmosphere.

Many sponsorship options:

•    Pre-Race event email: Get a full page ad in our event email.

•    Pre-Race pick up host: Generate foot traffic by having thousands of runners pick up their race gear at your store.

•    Race Day Booth: Generate leads by having face to face interaction with racers in our concert festival area after the race.

•    Swag Bags: Pass out flyers or promotional items in participants race bags.

•    Stage Time: Party on the festival area stage with Run or Dye emcees and throw promotional swag into the crowd.

•    Photo Booth: Have your logo prominently displayed in our photo both while racers capture candid moments.

•    Nationwide Sponsor: Have thousands of racers wear your logo and url on race bibs, shirts, flags, and more.

If you can imagine it, we can do it. Tell us what you want to accomplish.